Specializing in missing pet recovery, not only can we locate your missing pet, but we can also get them back in your arms quickly and safely. We have decades of knowledge and experience finding and trapping missing animals in addition to training and handling off-leash pet search K-9s. Our search dogs possess highly refined air-scenting, remains-detection and scent-specific trailing skills, and are deployed by knowledgable handlers expert in a variety of relevant disciplines, including wilderness search and rescue, land navigation, trapping, remote collar training and drone piloting to name a few.

Working off-leash at a distance from the handler, our dogs have the unique ability to approach leary and skittish animals, often in flight mode, without the threat of spooking the animal. All of our K-9s are directed via silent communication. These critical skills can allow us to get close enough to gauge the missing animal’s state of mind by its interaction with our K-9s. Our handlers can then assess the situation in real time, determining if the animal can be lured in or if trapping the animal is a more suitable strategy for recovery. These finely honed techniques help get us even closer to frightened animals, which often translates to getting them back to their loving owners in a matter of hours instead of weeks, months or sadly not at all. Our K-9s make more walk-up finds than any other K-9 team in the country and do not require sightings to commence the search for your lost pet. Some of these amazing recoveries have even been captured on video.

Our dogs are hand-selected at 8 weeks old and only those pups demonstrating specific traits and qualities, both physical and mental, critical to success as a missing animal search K-9 are chosen. But that is only the beginning. More than 2 years of intense training and conditioning are then invested into each dog. This rigorous process is only complete when the dog can consistently demonstrate the sharp focus and discipline needed to effectively follow a scent trail off-leash in just about any environment, no matter how distracting. To meet the team and learn more about our amazing K-9s click here.  

Our off-leash K-9 training program is exclusive to PackLeader PetTrackers and has been developed and perfected over many years by its owner, Jamie Genereux